Pacific Forest Rally
October 13-14, 2017
Round 5 of the 2017 Canadian
Rally Championship
Western Canada Rally Championship
North American Rally Cup (NARC)
Results Summary Summary of all Stage Times Stage Detail Penalty Detail Retirements
Retirements Summary for PFR National
Car Entry Vehicle Class Segment Reason
33 Philip Bergman
Stephan Bergman
1995 Subaru Impreza SS2 Swakum South Off road
3 Boris Djordjevic
Darren Garrod
2009 Mitsubishi Evo X O4WD SS2 Swakum South Off Road
27 Christopher J. Miller
Rankin Kern
2003 Ford Focus Day 2 Start MTC Mechanical
3 Boris Djordjevic
Darren Garrod
2009 Mitsubishi Evo X O4WD Day 2 Start MTC Off road on day 1
19 Adam Jones
Chawna Imber
2000 Ford Focus O2WD Transit to SS5 Too slippy
21 Andrew Avery
David Ma
1996 Honda Civic O2WD SS6 Missezula-Dillard Spin
24 Ken Wawryk
Robin Chapelsky
2008 Subaru WRX SS6 Missezula-Dillard Mechanical
12 Jason Bailey
Shayne Peterson
2012 Ford Fiesta R2 O2WD SS6 Missezula-Dillard Steering
32 Trevor Evenson
Heather Evernson
1991 Acura Integra SS7 Spius Off - suspension
6 Sam Albert
Rhianon Gelsomino
2004 SUbaru Sti O4WD SS7 Spius Mechanical failure
25 Alex Kouzmin
Matthew Martin
2005 Mini Cooper JCW O2WD Transit to SS8 Mechanical failure
5 David Nickel
Alex Gelsomino
2016 Subaru Crosstrek O4WD SS8 Spius Blown engine

Results calculated up to Transit to Final MTC at 23:05
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