PFR Spectator Points Page
Spectator Information (will update late Aug)
Spectator Guide
Spectator Guide available at the following locations in Merritt
Merritt Chamber of Commerce
Best Western Hotel (Lobby)
Boston Pizza
Ramada Hotel (Lobby)
Game-On Pub
Spectator Safety No Go Area - 44 Kb
Spectator Safety Cartoons - 180 Kb
Spectator Safety Guide - 62 Kb
Spectator Maps HiRes
Headquarters Ramada Inn - 3571 Voght Street
Registration / Media Centre Ramada Inn - 3571 Voght Street
Scrutineering / Parc Expose Frank's Mechanical - 2026 Mamette Road
Ceremonial Start Granite Ave, Downtown Merritt
Service Area Wagon West Travel Plaza (Husky) - 3999 Airport Road
Rally Finish Merritt Desert Inn - 2350 Voght Street
Tentative Schedule for September 30- October 01, 2016

Friday September 30

Detailed schedule on Page 4 of Supplementary Regulations


Ceremonial Start, Start of national leg #1, regional #1 /
Départ Protocolaire, Départ de la première étape, régionale #1


End of national leg #1, regional #1 /
Fin de la première étape, régionale #1

Saturday October 01



Start of national second leg (regional #2) /
Départ du deuxième étape nationale (régionale #2)


End of Rally / Fin du Rallye
Spectator access to the assigned spectator points will be closed once the road is active. Please arrive BEFORE the spectator point becomes active. Refer to the Schedule (on pg 6 of guide) or the Spectator Info & Schedule and plan travel to those points accordingly.
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